Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rewind to 2012

2 years ago, my sweet husband (who is extremely supportive of my quilting) bought me a Gracie Start-Right frame and a Juki TL98Q.
I was so nervous to "play" with my new toy so I thought, I'll just use a quilt top that I don't really care that much for and then it won't matter if the quilting is bad, right?
I just THOUGHT I didn't care for this one.  It had been hidden in a closet for, oh I don't know, 2 years or so?
So I put it on the frame and gave it a go...turns out, quilting was all this baby needed to find new life!  I love it!  AND I love my Gracie and Juki...of course, I love hubby, too.

This was another top that I had tucked away, not because I didn't like it, but because I made it with nobody particular in mind.  Then a co-worker had a baby girl. I used this tutorial for the blocks and it was SUPER fun and SUPER easy to make.

In April 2012, a very close sweet friend turned the big 5-OH and I knew I just HAD to make her a quilt for her birthday.  Her favorite color is blue and I found this pretty blue and purple peacock fabric that was just perfect for her.  The pattern is called Winding Ways.  It was my first time to make, quilt, and bind scalloped edges and it was actually pretty fun.

In July, our Pastor and his wife celebrated 20 years of being at our church and my gift to them was this quilt.  Each block has the name of a Sunday School class machine-embroidered in the middle and then I went around to each class to have as many people as possible to sign the blocks.
There was more in 2012...
Another day...