Monday, June 21, 2010

Sewing lesson

I've never really considered myself much of a teacher. In fact, I'll be the 1st to say, "I'm NOT a good teacher." But today I was proven wrong.When I've tried to teach my daughter anything, it seems she ends up in tears (and she's 17), so I have to admit, I was incredibly nervous when Brenna's mom asked me if I could teach her daughter to sew. She had gotten a new machine for Christmas and REALLY wanted to learn how to use it. Of course, I wanted to teach her! But I SO did not wanna make her cry.
The good news is...there were no tears today. Yay!
This young lady has impressed me so much. She wanted to learn how to make microwave corn bags...for those who aren't familiar, they are the most wonderful heating pad. Made of all natural ingredients with a washable outer cover. I showed her how to make a corn bag...she proceeded to make FIVE more!
A quick learner, a perfectionist, and ready to start her own business! I'm so proud!
So today, I just wanna say thank you Brenna! For proving me (and my daughter) wrong and for being an excellent student. It was a fun day that went by WAY too fast.
Oh! And while we were sewing, she mentioned that she might wanna make a baby blanket someday...I see more sewing lessons in Miss Brenna's future ;)
Hope your day was as good as mine!


  1. Thank you for everything Darlene!! She had an amazing day and can't wait to get started again tomorrow!!!

  2. Way to go Darlene. Never say never, because there is always someone waiting in the wings to prove you wrong. Besides, it's always easier to teach anyone other than your own kids. They never seem to listen. lol
    What you showed Brenna, she will carry with her forever. Great job.