Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Told ya so!

I told you I was bad at keeping a journal! I wasn't lying...it's been over 2 wks since my last post. I hope everybody had a great Memorial weekend. God bless the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Unlike most, we didn't have family come over. It was just us. Actually, by dinner time, it was literally just us. My husband and me. The kids all went their separate ways and we were left with a giant platter of grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. Sorry I didn't think to take pics of that platter (it really was yummy) but I had no intention of blogging about it :)

I DID get a lot done this weekend though. I love my husband so much for letting me be lazy. What I mean by "lazy" is...when I don't feel like doing anything else (housework, laundry, etc...), he will leave me alone to sew. He is so patient with me when I get on a roll and can't concentrate on anything else. He just lets me be me.

Saturday, we went to a beautiful outdoor wedding and all I could think about was this baby quilt I had seen at the Moda Bake Shop a few weeks back. I had bought the materials from Natalia over at Piece n Quilt back when I saw this. I wanted it to look just like the sample at the Bake Shop and I couldn't wait to get back home and get started on it.This one's for a friend who just had a baby boy 2 wks ago. It was so easy and fun to put together. I will definitely be making more of these. I can hardly wait to get this one on the frame and get it finished.This one was already on the frame and had been there for over a month. I think my husband was just so grateful to not have to look at the frame leaning against the dining room wall. But I have more baby quilts ready to be loaded, so I had to get this one done. It's a donation quilt. It still needs binding, but it's quilted at least.
This is the frame I keep talking about. It's the Multi-frame from John Flynn. I love love LOVE this frame. Of course, my dream is to one day own my own long-arm machine, but this will do for now. I can comfortably do baby quilts or wall hangings up to about 45 inches wide with this frame. The quilt on it now is for a baby shower coming up on sunday for a friend at church who is having a boy and they are HUGE OU fans. Since I actually have a real job to go to tomorrow, not sure if this one will get finished, but I will do my best.

OH! And I made a bear for a friend who is adopting a 4 yr-old boy. It's amazing how exhausting is to be so "lazy"! Tomorrow, it's back to reality.


  1. Just giving credit where it's due! Love your blog AND your shop! ;)