Thursday, October 14, 2010

Color me honored...

Check out my 1st post as a "guest blogger" over at Stash Manicure! I'm SEW excited...and I just can't hide it! Ok, corny, I know. Couldn't resist. Thank you Madame Samm for having me!


  1. Hi Lindsey I just read your post at Stash Manicure and I enjoyed it ,I am also a new blogger and I also have very little space for quilting ,the diff. is I have been at it longer ,but I always learn new things and new ideas from bloggers like you ,your ideas are awsome and by the way your sewing area is much better than mine,I seldom have time to tidy up and I just want to use the little time I have to quilt,I live in Greece and there are no quilt shops ,so I am so envious of everyone else in a good way always ,stop by and visit me when you have a chance,happy sewing,theodora

  2. Great job and great guest post. Wow, I know someone famous!!!

  3. And you are famous and I am sew proud to have had you at stash manicure..we all in fact are better for my dear, keep quilting, sharing and making us all thankful for knowing you..piece be with you madame samm