Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My 1st quilt

I've been a hairstylist for about 18 yrs now. I really love what I do. I've met some of the most amazing people. On my journey as a stylist, I've had the privilege to make some wonderful, life-long friends. Oct. of 2000, I met Marian Nichols. It was my 1st day at a new salon, she came in for her weekly appt with the girl who had just quit. She didn't call Marian to let her know she was moving. I introduced myself and offered to do her hair. We quickly became friends and over the years, she has been there for me...through very sad times and very happy times. She's given advice, cried with me and laughed with me.
A couple of yrs ago, we got on the subject of quilts. She knew that I sewed and had found some books that she thought I might like. They were all about needlework and quilting. As I looked through some of them, I discovered that not all quilts are "old-fashioned" and they aren't just for old people. Marian suggested that I start with something small, like a baby quilt. But in Dec of 2008 when she was diagnosed with cancer, I knew my 1st quilt wouldn't be a baby quilt. A good friend shared a beginner-friendly pattern with me and within a couple of days, I had created my 1st quilt top. It was difficult to give that quilt top to a long-armer, not knowing how long it would take to see it finished. But it was definitely worth the wait.

I am NOT a photographer! But a blog just isn't the same without pictures so I promise to work on it.

Miss Marian LOVES her quilt.

I still see her about once a month, although she can no longer travel to the shop. I go see her at home. Since that quilt, I have made quite a few more (including a few baby quilts). I can honestly say, I'm hooked. I love quilting.

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